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Residential Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning in Houston

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We use a mix of hand cleaning and power-rinsing techniques to make your residential windows sparkle. First, we apply soapy water to the entire window surface using a special applicator. We carefully make sure that all dirt and debris have been loosened and removed. For difficult problems, like dried-on paint, we will use a razor blade and or steel wool to remove the offending material. Next, we rinse with a low-pressure power spray, making sure not to infiltrate the areas surrounding the glass. Then we use state-of-the-art squeegees to remove excess water and soap. We finish up with microfiber towels to rid the glass of any streaks or smudges.

You might say WeKleen Enterprises is fanatical when it comes to clean windows, and you’d be right. We guarantee you will be 100 percent satisfied with all our work. Many of our customers have windows that are high up and hard to reach. That’s no problem for WeKleen. We’ll get any window clean, no matter where it’s located. And, very importantly, our technicians are not afraid of heights!

We are way too busy to clean all the windows in our three-story house.
Thank you WeKleen for your excellent cleaning service that saves us a ton of work
~Houston Home Owner

Commercial Window Cleaning

If you manage a large office building, dirty windows can be costing you money, especially in the winter. Dirty windows cut light and heat transmission, meaning that on cold winter days you have to spend more to keep your building warm. Dirty windows also detract from the appearance of commercial properties. Restaurants and food purveyors are at special risk – how many potential customers decide not to enter a restaurant because the windows are dirty? Dirty windows equal unsanitary food in the minds of many. Why risk it?

WeKleen Enterprises will take on any size window cleaning job. We are trained to clean the windows in all types of structures, including tall buildings and storefronts with big picture windows. The mark of a good window cleaner is not only spotless windows, but also clean, dry grounds left behind after the job is complete. Our window-washing techniques save waste water and avoid flooding your premises with dirty water. You shouldn’t need a cleaning crew to clean up the mess left by your window-washing crew. Call WeKleen for a quick, professional window cleaning that will leave your property sparkling.

What a difference! I had no idea how dirty my windows were
until WeKleen came in and cleaned them.
Now I have them under contract to come by every month!
~Houston Restaurant Owner

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