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Pressure Washing

When it comes to “pressure washing” or “power washing,” there’s a vast difference between a trained professional and someone who’s basically inexperienced. WeKleen Enterprises has been in the pressure washing business for years. Our equipment is professional-grade and top-of-the-line. We know how to treat different types of surfaces in order to insure they’re cleaned, but not damaged. We use the correct settings and the right technique for each surface material.


Best Residential Pressure Washing Company in Houston

Is it time for your home to sparkle? At WeKleen Enterprises, we clean siding, decks, roofs, bricks, sidewalks, concrete driveways and so much more. Our pressure washing service is a quick and easy way to clean all the exterior surfaces of your home. Our chemicals are environmentally safe, and will not leave toxic residue or harsh chemicals on your property. The long-term safety of your family members and pets is one of our highest priorities.

So whether you want to make your siding sparkle or clean mold, dirt, and other stains from exterior surfaces, we guarantee that the job will be done right. You’ll be amazed by how good your home will look. In fact, we are not satisfied until we see you smile. We’re on a mission to Brighten Your World. So give us a call today @ (713) 859-5513, or just send us an email. We would love to give you a free estimate for all your pressure washing needs.


Best Pressure Washing Company in Houston

Commercial pressure washing is a smart choice. WeKleen Enterprises can save the average business owner thousands of dollars. The appearance of your building has a strong psychological effect on your customers. Water streaks, the presence of mold, discoloring stains, and graffiti will create lasting impressions—not the ones you want. Most people are naturally attracted to that which is clean, shiny, and new. This is where WeKleen can help you shine!

We spared no expense. Our Hydro Tek cleaning equipment is the highest-grade and most top-quality pressure washing system in the industry. It simply “cleans fast and outlasts.” Our equipment is ideal for everything from concrete and flatwork cleaning to fleet washing and restaurant hood vent cleaning. Our pressure washers can blast dirt and mud off of bulldozers, graders, backhoes and other construction equipment. Whatever your eyesore may be, we have a pressure washing technique to remove it. Guaranteed!

Sensible Rates

Affordable Power Washing Houston TX

Whether commercial or residential, our rates are extremely competitive. The WeKleen Enterprises service members offer quality workmanship for so much less!

Best Equipment

Power Washing Equipment Houston TX

We use the latest equipment in the Pressure Washing business. Whatever the task, a WeKleen Enterprises pressure washing specialist can handle the job today!