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  • Free Estimates in Houston for Power Washing & Window Cleaning

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John Stump, CEO of WeKleen Enterprises, has been serving customers in Houston for decades. While his reputation for outstanding customer service was established in the roofing industry, he soon realized his clients often needed complementary home services. So John decided to expand his company to meet the growing demand. He established WeKleen Enterprises to offer commercial and residential property owners a wide range of business services.

Pressure washing and window cleaning are two of his favorite services to provide, and for one simple reason: Everything gets restored and shines like new. Cement walkways and driveways look like the concrete was poured just yesterday. The siding and brick around your home are returned to their original color. Windows resume their original function, allowing homeowners to see the outside world clearly again.

For businesses, we remove that mind-jarring, obnoxious graffiti that causes you heartburn. We wage war on mold and dirt. Nesting insects and birds are invited to move somewhere else. Property owners are able to feel confident about the appearance of their property again. Entrepreneurs appreciate the positive impression our services make on their customers and the benefit to their bottom line.

Pressure washing and window cleaning are two services our company provides, simply because we enjoy seeing people smile. We haven’t decided to get into the tooth whitening business yet. But who knows, perhaps one day. Our ultimate mission is to brighten your world.

Let us know how can we revitalize yours?

  • Power washing Roofs


    Debris Removal

    Allow us to remove
    algae and debris,
  • cleaning windows


    High & Low

    Heights, no problem.
    Don't risk personal
    injury. Call Us!
  • power washing siding


    All Materials

    We work with
    all types of siding
  • power washing graffiti



    Did someone bless
    you with their art?
    We can fix that.
  • power washing fences


    Looking New!

    Fences can regain
    their beauty. We
    treat all types.
  • power washing bricks

    Brick Surfaces

    Deep Clean

    Bricks respond well
    to pressure washing.
    We clean each one.
  • power washing concrete

    Concrete Driveways

    Grease Removal

    Give your concrete
    surfaces a new look.
    Remove the grime.
  • power washing decks

    Your Deck

    Our Mission

    You Love your
    Deck, Right! Give
    her a little TLC.
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