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We’d like to give a shout out to the manufacturer who has provided our high-grade pressure washing system. We think you’ll agree that the equipment we use is the very best.

Hydro Tek Systems Inc. is an industrial pressure washer manufacturer that has been creating high quality industrial pressure washer systems since 1985. They design and engineer industrial pressure washers with high grade, top-quality components. This increases reliability, performance and produces a total system. Their pressure washers “Clean Fast and Outlast”.

Hydro Tek mobile commercial pressure washer systems have been the choice of professional cleaners for 30 years and are ideal for everything from concrete and flatwork cleaning to fleet washing and restaurant hood vent cleaning. Hydro Tek commercial pressure washers are designed for cleaning professionals like Perfect Choice who use them in commercial applications and depend on their equipment to make a living. These commercial power washers are manufactured to work as a complete package with various accessories that include a variety of trailers, water tank sizes, hose reels, surface cleaners and water recovery/ recycle systems.

These industrial pressure washers blast dirt and mud off bulldozers, graders, backhoes and other construction equipment and melt away heavy grease and tar from tar pots and paving equipment. Industrial applications such as on and offshore oil rig washing, pipeline cleaning, or logging equipment washing require an industrial power washer that will stand up to 24/7 use.

With their state of the art manufacturing facility located in Redlands, CA, they are at the forefront of technological and environmental advances. All Hydro Tek commercial power washers comply with strict EPA and CARB requirements. The SpiraLast heating coil that they manufacture for all of their hot water commercial pressure washers allows for maximum efficiency and fuel savings. The durable stainless steel construction of their industrial pressure washer systems helps the equipment looking new for years by preventing rust and corrosion.

Perfect Choice Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning is proud to be affiliated with Hydro Tek Systems Inc. We want to give our customers, both commercial and residential, the very best.